Monday, May 30, 2011


Today has been a day of animals, dead and alive. I work at a park, early in the day a patron told me there was a goose dead on the bike path. I went out and removed the goose it was a gosiling. It had been struck by a car and thrown up on to the path. After I got the goose removed I headed back to the park as I was approaching the entrance there was a coyote in the road. I was not sure if it was dead until I got out. It was another car strike surprisingly no blood, I removed the coyote as well as the goose. The rest of my work day was without any dead animals.

When I got home I was greeted by a chubby ground hog in our live trap, he had been raiding our garden. He was reallocated to a friends farm : )

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flowers and Garden

We inherited roses with the house they did not bloom for the first few years. It turned out I was cutting them back to far. Our garden is taking off, and we got two volunteer potato plants in our compost. The Hostas on the hill that were planted three years ago, they are giants this years taking up nearly twice the circumference from last year.

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Job

I started a new job, it is fine everyone seems decent. Should be OK for now. What I am tired of is everyone expected me to be excited or even grateful that I have a job. Even if the pay is barley above minimum wage. I spent nine years as a landscaper, I always did a quality job when I worked. At the old job I kept my boss a float some day's with a screw and super glue. I did a lot of the maintenance for the boss and even kept their computers up to snuff.  So now I took a job not paying me as much I am worth. I did this mostly because the location is convenient and the hours work with my other plans. There are opportunities for advancement with in the organization and that is nice. The pay scale is what it is, everyone starts out low(regardless of skill) and moves up.  That is what I agreed on so there is no hard feelings about it. But no I am not excited because I have a job, I am fine with it because it will help with other goals. If I wanted a job for the sake of having a job, I had other landscaping possibilities with more pay. The hours would have been in direct conflict with my other plans such as school. I think family and friends expecting me to be happy with such a low paying job is sad. The only time they should expect me to be happy or excited. Is when I am doing something that is inline with my vocation something that challenges me, something I really care about. There are people where I work that are passionate about the job, they are where they belong, they are excited. I am not excited nor am I grateful, my own back and blood got me here.  I am OK with the agreement I made with the employer, thats all.

Silly Transcribed Voice Mails

Below are three transcriptions of voice mails from Google Voice.
They cracked me up I was able to get the gist but it a little deciphering. So I thought
I would share : )
I do like Google Voice I really like being able to listen to my voice mail online,
If I am at my computer.

Hey G, B I'm a big dummy I didn't listen to the but I need computer. I've got the blue screen
So I don't know if you can. Working magic and save anything.
 As I took the hard drive over to your house and that's department. So I was on the dot. 
But she hasn't with on or something. What'son there, but, either way, just give me a call back. 
Home your voicemail, hey.

Hey, east, on the phone drop it off and tomorrow after work.
 I stopped working on, our country in my head join the call me back. If not, and I will for alright, have A the.

Hey. Sorry I didn't see your call until just now. So if you want call me back.
 If you do call me on my team mobile phone That's, xxx-xxxx. I think.
 I love you bye. The bumper works. Bye. Yeah.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Burn out

Ok, I am officially burnt out from 12+ hours of math home work this weekend and being nervous about the new job. The question I keep asking about both "is it worth the trouble?" I have four weeks of math this quarter till fall. And 13 hours till I start the new job. : P

Thursday, May 12, 2011

6 Years : )

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grimy Day

Today was humdrum started off with a good breakfast but surrounded by bad conversations. Driving around town was a bit depressing. I had an urge to go home pack up(important stuff only bikes, computers and the dog), pick up the wife and hit the road. As the day wore on it got a little better had some coffee with a friend the conversation was good, got some good beer for later(which is now). Still the town is just kind of sad, feels rather hopeless. Not sure if I can do much more than smile and push through it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celeste Lounging

Celeste before her spring haircut

Another painting has a home.

"Ode to Judas" 2009
This piece had three different people interested finally it has a home! The person who has it really likes the piece so I am happy for that. This painting was a self portrait I did in 1996 then I reworked it in 2009. It ended up with the name Ode to Judas because a few people said it reminded them of stained glass and religious allegory painting. I thought that was ironic since I am an atheist so the title seemed appropriate.

Linux games

Occasionally I enjoy playing games on my computer . I run Linux, this is thought to be a hurdle. How ever I have been introduced to a few native Linux games that more than satisfy my gaming needs.

The two games I played first in Linux were Frozen Bubble and Armagetron. Amagetron is a Tron like game it is still a blast to play. You can play it local or on server

The World of Goo is  a physics game that is a blast.  It was one I had to play through until I was done (which you are never really done)

I have really enjoyed is by Amanita Design they have three games I have enjoyed plus few short games on their website. The first two are the Samorost series 1 and 2 . My favorite was Machinarium it is listed as their first full length game. They even have soundtracks for the games, also a lot of other cool content on their website.

I have recently playing the Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor  by Frozenbyte games. They have a third game Trine that I have just started playing. The Shadowgrounds games are fun campaign games saving Ganymede from an Alien Invasion. Trine "is a physics-based action game where three characters allow clever solutions to challenges created by hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies. The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics - each character's different abilities and tactics can be used to invent new ways to overcome obstacles and save the kingdom! ".

Other than the first two games I learned of the others through the Humble Bundle


I took the second test last night I think I did well. Two more test to go plus a final then more math.