Friday, May 20, 2011

New Job

I started a new job, it is fine everyone seems decent. Should be OK for now. What I am tired of is everyone expected me to be excited or even grateful that I have a job. Even if the pay is barley above minimum wage. I spent nine years as a landscaper, I always did a quality job when I worked. At the old job I kept my boss a float some day's with a screw and super glue. I did a lot of the maintenance for the boss and even kept their computers up to snuff.  So now I took a job not paying me as much I am worth. I did this mostly because the location is convenient and the hours work with my other plans. There are opportunities for advancement with in the organization and that is nice. The pay scale is what it is, everyone starts out low(regardless of skill) and moves up.  That is what I agreed on so there is no hard feelings about it. But no I am not excited because I have a job, I am fine with it because it will help with other goals. If I wanted a job for the sake of having a job, I had other landscaping possibilities with more pay. The hours would have been in direct conflict with my other plans such as school. I think family and friends expecting me to be happy with such a low paying job is sad. The only time they should expect me to be happy or excited. Is when I am doing something that is inline with my vocation something that challenges me, something I really care about. There are people where I work that are passionate about the job, they are where they belong, they are excited. I am not excited nor am I grateful, my own back and blood got me here.  I am OK with the agreement I made with the employer, thats all.