Friday, May 20, 2011

Silly Transcribed Voice Mails

Below are three transcriptions of voice mails from Google Voice.
They cracked me up I was able to get the gist but it a little deciphering. So I thought
I would share : )
I do like Google Voice I really like being able to listen to my voice mail online,
If I am at my computer.

Hey G, B I'm a big dummy I didn't listen to the but I need computer. I've got the blue screen
So I don't know if you can. Working magic and save anything.
 As I took the hard drive over to your house and that's department. So I was on the dot. 
But she hasn't with on or something. What'son there, but, either way, just give me a call back. 
Home your voicemail, hey.

Hey, east, on the phone drop it off and tomorrow after work.
 I stopped working on, our country in my head join the call me back. If not, and I will for alright, have A the.

Hey. Sorry I didn't see your call until just now. So if you want call me back.
 If you do call me on my team mobile phone That's, xxx-xxxx. I think.
 I love you bye. The bumper works. Bye. Yeah.