Friday, June 3, 2011

Warts and All Pragamtic

 If I say I do not like something it does not automatically mean I love the opposite. All it means is I do not like X not that I love Y. One example is  people will think when I say I do not like a town, that I love the one I live in. I live where I live because it is pragmatic, it is cheap in a alright neighbored. Not because I love it, a lot of the choices I make are because of pragmatism over visual aesthetics or comfort. If I followed my visual aesthetics I would have to work eighty plus hours a week or have credit card debt up to my nose. Although sometimes my visual aesthetics are different than convention. I tend like something than what most people see as beautiful. My warts and all sensibility leans away from design of the one button world. I like things that may look like they are out of Star Wars not 2001: A Space Odyssey. A lot time specifically out of the trash compactor from the Death Star. I hope this is OK for people, it does not seem so some days. I see tons of people all being "original" standing in a circle doing the same thing, it is one giant circle jerk. We are all free thinking individuals because some one told us so.... Sadly what most of us do is not unique, but;  why try so hard to have the same common denominator as everyone else?  Be one big collage of decisions that ebb and flow, allowing you to seek peace of mind and creativity. "Safe" is usually the complete opposite for ones soul. Safe is easy, it is giving up, if it is the decision 100 people have made before, than chances are there will not be much left at the end when you get there. Knock the dust of things reopen an old road start a new one. Never follow the open for business road since 1975. Your soul will wither and die here in a mass decay of box store florescent haze and fast food drudgery. Yeah sure swing buy when it is useful, just do not base everything on it. Just try to be the motley mix of humanity that lets you sleep at night( I keep trying, tonight I am failing : )