Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garage Sale

I was looking for a battery on Ebay today and got to thinking of how my use for Ebay has changed. When  I first starting buying on Ebay, it was like a giant garage sale. Where I could find really cool rare things for a few bucks that I could not find locally. It seems like used things go for a premium on Ebay, I watched a used pair of bike forks sell for more than what they would be new. They are still available and would ship for free for less from the actual manufacture.  I think people just get caught up in the frenzy of buying and forget to look else where. It felt more like a community when I first used Ebay where now it feels like a lot of little stores. I go to Ebay now to get things I can not find locally that is all. The deals are generally just a little better than buying local, you have to remember shipping as part of the price. Most of my purchases from Ebay are "Buy It Now" options instead of auctions.  I find that often I can find deals just as good on Amazon, or even locally at Target or a thrift store. I imagine as long as Ebay is around I will use it as a shopping option, and wax poetically about the good old days ; )