Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heading out

Been lazy this month at least mentally lazy. I got out of math class and it was like my brain locked up, I better get it in gear. Things are about to speed up soon fall quarter is approaching, so that means math 102 is imminent(horror music playing). You would think after doing well the last two quarters I would fell good about this class. Nope it is the opposite fear and loathing of the next class. I interview for another internal job on Monday not real nervous, a little concerned. I feel like I am existing between two worlds the one of blue collar landscaping and the future one of some sort of white collar worker. The switch is coming but I feel like I have no control over the date or when it happens. It seems to be happening to me, the odd part is I feel the old world pulling at me constantly. Everyone's mister fix it guy except not fixing the things I want. Occasionally it is something fun like a computer or surgery on a smart phone.  Generally it is lawn equipment or home repairs. I know the later has informed the former, it is just time to find a way forward.