Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting Ready for School...

Getting ready for school means wrapping up some things.

Sorting through the old computers I have laying around was one chore. I placed two computers in new homes. One had to be pieced together, the other was ready to go, both received new OS installations.

I was also able to get my home server hardware updated, went from and old DELL with a single core processor with 2 GB of RAM and no SATA connections. To a Foxcon MOBO with a dual core processor, 4 GB of RAM and four SATA connections. All packed in a after market case. This is nice, I am able to quit doing the backup shuffle now. I backup my Linux box to the server using rsync an cron. For the wife's PC I am trying Cobian Backup 10, the verdict is still out. I have the server running Ubuntu server 11.04. I use it to run Zoneminder, and a little internal webpage that I tinker with on occasion. It is running ushare to share media to my GoogleTV box. The set up was easy just edit the config file and off it went.

I also wanted to set up a second router as a switch for our Google TV box and the server. I used DD-Wrt on both routers and followed these setup instructions . That worked perfect all is running well.

My laptop had started to act wonky during all of this. I ran Spinrite6 it returned that my HDD was healthy. I ran Memtest it said I had errors in the RAM. I re-seated the RAM ran Memtest again and everything checked out fine.Shortly after that it crapped out again, I was able to narrow it down to one of the sticks of RAM. Now I will have to go through the RMA process with Kingston.

I had a few not so fun chores one was doing a brake job on a friends Audi. She needed front rotors, pads and rear pads. It went smoothly till the drivers side rear caliper gave me hell and I smashed my thumb on that on as well. GRRRR! The job got finished and the car stops. That is the last car maintenance  I will do for anyone but me.The other not so fun chore was replacing the kitchen sink faucet assembly for my Mom.

I am ready to focus on algebra so I can be insane for a few months : )