Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Rules

So today I went to check my email and the work server had an SSL error. So I put in a help ticket about the issue and received back a reply rather quickly. With a note added that employees of my status were not supposed to use the web services unless they were working. So I contacted HR to confirm this and it is true. What I think is silly, is that I can spend 15 minutes on the phone with HR or my direct supervisor and this is not an issue. Checking my email for 2 minutes is an issue, because they might have to pay me. Communicating via email is work, but; a phone conversation is not. Which is even sillier since usually I check my email with my phone.  So I wonder where a text message falls in this regard? This really makes me fear working/staying in the public sector once I finish my degree. The little rules have been the ones that annoy more so than the big ideas. I have a few times seen the little rules paralyze progress.