Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Little Things(break too)

A friend of mine gave me a laptop recently and he said that the motherboard was failing. Of course I had to investigate a little further. The actual culprit was the ram needed to be reseated, it has not failed to reboot yet. My own laptop was crashing. I over thought the issue, the first thing I looked to be failing was the HDD, but it turned out to be one of the dimms of RAM.

And today my riding mower started acting odd then it just stopped running. I first replaced the spark plug hoping just maybe that was the issue. It was not the issue, then I started to look at the fuel deleveriy system. Maybe it was the fuel filter, the carbs. So I pulled the fuel filter and noticed that no fuel was coming from the tank.  I remebered on the gas cap, there is a small hole to allow the flow of air, to keep the gas flowing. It was plugged up, I cleaned it out and the mower runs like a dream.

The big point of all of this for me, check the simple stuff first. Before looking at big fixes.