Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fixing Samsung Microwave (SMH7185STG) se error

The other day our microwave started flashing -SE- error code I would unplug it to allow it to reset. Then plug it back in, the -SE- error would come back. So I  start looking around at D.I.Y. forums to find answers. Besides the obvious, "call a repair technician" one other thing kept popping up, the keypad. I found two options to fix it, expensive and cheap. Of course I tried cheap first, I took the keypad panel apart. Where the ribbon cable from the keypad panel connects to the PCB board. I disconnected and cleaned this connection, and there was quite a bit of residue. For safe measure I checked the other connections they seemed fine. After everything was back together, it worked perfectly. No more -SE- error going on four years now.