Sunday, July 24, 2011

Watering bucket for a tree

We have a tree at the curb that I wanted to water. I drilled holes on three sides in a bucket. My reasons are:
- Water the tree at a slower rate
- Keep the water from just washing wash out into the street
- Not have to drag a hose out

First test will be today, I may have drilled to many holes though, oops. If so I can plug some holes with a glue gun or caulk to slow the rate of flow.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A bug at my backdoor

This beetle is at my back door taking in the rays from the led light porch light. It did not seem to mind taking pictures of it. He is a interesting looking insect he is called an Ivory marked Beetle it was identified on the website What's that bug? Thanks : )

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I disabled my Delete key, Oops.(Linux)

Ok yesterday I was editing a few shortcuts, in the Keyboard Shortcut dialog under preferences in Gnome. I wanted to disable one shortcut, instead of using backspace I hit delete. That actually assigned the delete as the shortcut key instead of disabling it. So then I hit backspace which disabled the shortcut; but, now my delete key did not work. Ok, now I am annoyed and finding out how much I really use my delete key. The fix was simple, I made sure delete is not assigned to a shortcut. Then all I had to do was reboot, that solved it.

Garage Sale

I was looking for a battery on Ebay today and got to thinking of how my use for Ebay has changed. When  I first starting buying on Ebay, it was like a giant garage sale. Where I could find really cool rare things for a few bucks that I could not find locally. It seems like used things go for a premium on Ebay, I watched a used pair of bike forks sell for more than what they would be new. They are still available and would ship for free for less from the actual manufacture.  I think people just get caught up in the frenzy of buying and forget to look else where. It felt more like a community when I first used Ebay where now it feels like a lot of little stores. I go to Ebay now to get things I can not find locally that is all. The deals are generally just a little better than buying local, you have to remember shipping as part of the price. Most of my purchases from Ebay are "Buy It Now" options instead of auctions.  I find that often I can find deals just as good on Amazon, or even locally at Target or a thrift store. I imagine as long as Ebay is around I will use it as a shopping option, and wax poetically about the good old days ; )

Droid Cannibalism

Cannibalized an old Droid Eris to fix my friends Eris. His mainboard , sound and trackball were wonky . So I swapped parts from this Eris with a smashed display and he was on his way. Everything went smoothly.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wake on key press

I like to be able to wake my computer from suspend by a key press. Unfortunately my motherboard does not support this. So to do so this is what I did

First I ran this in a terminal to find my keyboard:

cat /proc/acpi/wakeup

After running that I get an output like this :

I determined my keyboard was associated to UHC1. To enable my keyboard to wake on key press I ran

echo "UHC1" > /proc/acpi/wakeup

I got lucky that it was UHC1, below shows the UHC1 is now enabled. The process is to run the echo command then suspend the computer and see if it wakes from key press. You repeat this until you find the correct device.

Now that I know what device number and key press wakes the computer. I need I make a start up script
 echo "UHC1" > /proc/acpi/wakeup

I named the script and placed it in /etc/init.d/

Then in a terminal I ran this to make the script executable

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/

In a terminal again to get the script to run at start up I ran

sudo update-rc.d defaults

That did it for me.

Here are the two forum post others and myself posted to get the key press working. There was an older post on another blog that help solve this, but it seems to have gone defunct.

Heading out

Been lazy this month at least mentally lazy. I got out of math class and it was like my brain locked up, I better get it in gear. Things are about to speed up soon fall quarter is approaching, so that means math 102 is imminent(horror music playing). You would think after doing well the last two quarters I would fell good about this class. Nope it is the opposite fear and loathing of the next class. I interview for another internal job on Monday not real nervous, a little concerned. I feel like I am existing between two worlds the one of blue collar landscaping and the future one of some sort of white collar worker. The switch is coming but I feel like I have no control over the date or when it happens. It seems to be happening to me, the odd part is I feel the old world pulling at me constantly. Everyone's mister fix it guy except not fixing the things I want. Occasionally it is something fun like a computer or surgery on a smart phone.  Generally it is lawn equipment or home repairs. I know the later has informed the former, it is just time to find a way forward.