Monday, May 21, 2012


I have been watching the ashow (if you have not seen it you should check it out) with enthusiasm. The different missions on the ashow have got me excited to create and participate. When the Hanko Stamp project was mentioned in the "NEN" video,  I had to jump in.  It dogged me for a few days, the eraser  was very different to cut then lino block or wood block. The material flexes so much I kept cutting across the lines of my design. The designs I first came up with were too detailed  and a bit wonky.  I finally settled on one that incorporates my initials and the head of a robot.
Not a perfect icon but as a first try, I am happy with it. This stirred  the memories of design classes taken in the mid 90's. To encapsulate the image in a 1"x1" square and to find a tightly conceived design was a swing in my thought process. The last time I worked with something with such tight constraints  was in color theory. Working with Joseph Albers concepts will make you see color very differently.   I will  try more rubber stamps and attempt to make the design  even tighter. Hopefully, I will further my skill with the medium, it was a fun exercise in composition and design.

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