Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H and IPCam did not play well at first

I purchased a new router at the recommendation of a friend, it is a Buffalo- WZR-HP-G450H it replaced my WRT54G-TM. Since both routers were running DD-WRT, I was hoping for a nice easy transition. It was except for my  IPCam, it is a D-Link DCS-920. With the new router I could access my IPCam interface from the LAN,but; I could not access it via wireless. I checked the wireless client list in the router, the DCS-920 was listed as connected and using the ip address I reserved for it using its mac address. I did a hard reset on the router and the cam. I rolled back the firmware on the router, that actually made problems for other devices. After restoring the router to the latest firmware and made sure the DCS-920's firmware was up to date. Still no dice.

 So I sent a text to my freind who recommended the router, to see if his router had similar issues. He  did not, however; he did help me find an idea on how to fix it. He found a  post in a forum of someone having a similar issue. They resolved it by putting their IPCam on a wireless vlan by itself and using WPA personal instead of WPA2, I tried the same thing and sure enough that worked.

I am happy with the new router, the range is much better and now finally all of our devices 802.11n devices  are using 802.11n.