Friday, August 10, 2012

Repairing a Z-Turn,

My friends zero turn started sputtering real bad with a bad oil leak. He dropped it off for me to fix. First I tackled the oil leak. Figured trying to trouble shoot with oil spraying every  would not be good. So the leak turned out to be the sump cover which required removing the engine from the frame of the mower. While I had the cover off I replaced two seals and the sump cover gasket. That job was not to bad had to tighten the bolts to 200 ft inches, used a cross pattern to tighten the cover down evenly.

So now it is all back together, initially I got it to run. I was glad to to see no oil leaks. Then it crapped out quickly, it got to where it would not start. I thought maybe it was the solenoid. So I got the multimeter out checked the voltage of the solenoid when it was in crank position it read 12 volts. So I believe I have narrowed it down to a safety switch so I will have to use the multimeter to ferret out the culprit. That will be next weekends chore, my weekends are Tue,Wed. and Thur.