Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ohio Linux Fest 2012

Went to the Ohio Linux Fest this past weekend, had a great time. The two keynotes I saw were excellent.  Saturday morning Keynote was by Wendy Seltzer about "Stopping SOPA and its Spawn: Free Expression on the Internet". Wendy's talk was a good analysis of the continued fight against SOPA and its kind.  The final Keynote of the day was by Angela Byron "How to Create Ravenously Passionate Contributors". Angela's talk was inspiring and made me want to learn more about Drupal. Over all the talks I attended were informative, they gave me new ideas and projects to consider. The talk I most enjoyed was by Deb Nicholson "
We Will Be Legion: Decentralizing the Web" she talked about fedarated web services, there strengths and benefits. On Sunday I attended the "Diversity in Open Source Workshop" it got me thinking of where I can jump and help. Overall it was a enjoyable weeked, I even got my nap in at Goodale park : )