Thursday, March 15, 2012

School Almost Done...

 It is only 7 days until the last test, I only need a 55% on the test to be able to pass the class. I hope to do much better than that, at least as well as my previous test 80%+. That will be the last class I needed in order to graduate. After this, I am going to focus on getting some certifications under my belt. I would like to get my bachelors degree at some point but it is not the  path I am on right now. I have felt slightly out of touch this last year with Linux, computers and tech in general. Getting caught up on my math education has demanded a lot of my focus. I am glad I did it and I want to further my math education but not right now. I need to focus on getting a job, something relating to computers, not landscaping.

Cheap Wine

At work every day  I find Wild Irish Rose bottles in a very specific route around the park. I have this story  for the person who is drinking it in my mind. I have this picture of him as a teenager with all of his friends driving around the park cruising having a good time. Sharing and sipping on cheap wine. The years have past and  he is now in his middle years.  Alone driving around drowning his regret with the drink of his youth. It is like he is trying to  drown his adult hood with the "good old days" and cheap wine.