Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fun couple of days at work.

I have been concerned at my job that my skill set was poorly matched. However the last couple days I got to work on network for POE IP cameras. That was fun I really enjoyed it, from running the CAT6e cable for a new camera and getting everything configured. I enjoy learning systems like that on the fly, being able to use things I have learned previously to figure out the problem rocks. I really liked getting lost in the problem, I had to cut my self off at the end of the day. It was not over complicated but with in the group I did seem to be one of the few that understood the tech. This was a nice change of pace, being the "new guy" pretty much everyday your the guy with the least amount of knowledge about the job. So it was nice to not have to ask questions every step of the way, hopefully it gave the guys I work with some confidence that I am bringing something to the table.   This task I am sure will be a rare situation seeing that my job focus is not networking or IT. It does give me confidence once I get my ducks in a row and really start looking for a IT job I will enjoy my work.