Monday, February 18, 2013

Random one liners and poems

I have been digging through some of my old writings. I am going to post some just for fun. Here are just some random one liners and poems. 



My minds eye muddling over
attachments to life; unnecessary.
except to weary believers
in possession of unpossessable things...

Egad! mad dreams of junkies,
drunks and monks.
All willing their lives
to their

Baby yawns- I smile.

Smoke churns
alcohol poured
flesh swarms
we all fuct at bar;
America's past time.
We all swoon for a fuck
the innocent days are gone.
Decay our own flesh
lost looking for a God.
Welcome to America.

We are birds fluttering our green feathers of twenties and hundreds.

I saw myself in my fathers eyes.
that is what I hated the most about him.
And miss now.
With words we try to imitate life: impossible.
We woke,
we fucked,
now we sleep.