Sunday, August 17, 2014

Treetop Saddle Bag- A perfect fit

Treetop Saddle Bag
Medium Saddle Wedge - Waxed Canvas

I have been looking for saddle bag for some time. I had tried a few different kinds. I finally found this bag on ebay I liked the look of it and that it was handmade. I ordered it from Treetops bigcartel site and have ridden with it for two months. I am very happy with it and the available cargo space. I had tried a some big name bags they never quite had the space I wanted or look.  There are a few that I was drooling over but we're out  of my price range. When I first saw Tree Top I expected it to be out of my price range, it wasn't!  This bag fit both of my wants plus the quality is good.  The maker was easy to work with. I wanted a couple of extra leather loops added. It was no problem for him to do. I definitely recommend Tree Top bags.