Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Job Choice

We recently moved to Columbus, Ohio the state capital. Michelle is working on her MFA of photography and I am doing...... Well, that has been the question, what the fuck am I doing. I immediately started putting out resumes to see what was available in the park system. My mindset was to find a job that will contribute to OPERS. I did find quite a few, on a whim I applied to a bike shop and very unexpectedly received an email to set up an interview. The interview went great I was excited about the job. I was going to be doing something I really enjoy, working on bikes. Then I received a call back from a park for a full-time job that paid more and offered benefits. That sent the pragmatic part of my brain into a frenzy. This is the right thing to do, this is the decision an adult makes. I scheduled the interview it went really well except one hiccup, plant I.D. I actually should have known this, that was an eye opener.  I have been working within the horticultural world for fifteen years now. That was an alarm bell, I knew most of the updated information on bicycles and I was only a hobbyist at this point. As a professional in landscaping and the park system, I could not I.D. basic landscaping plants was bad. With that, I withdrew my name from the list of candidates and am happily employed as a part time bicycle mechanic. This was a hard decision to make the happy one over the pragmatic one, I am glad I did.