Tuesday, March 14, 2017

jack of all....

Michelle and I just moved to Columbus, so I am in the position of finding a new life. Luckily I found work that I am excited about, now to redefine myself. Thinking of the things I defined myself by in Dayton may no longer be needed in my new life. I have been in one form or another a blue collar job, the last ending in trail technician for the Five Rivers Metroparks. I have many years in equipment operation from chainsaws to 20K Forklifts. What I have found is that at my new job those experiences are not of any interest to the people around. Frankly, I am finding maybe they are not for me either, they were pragmatic choices I made in order to pay the bills. They were jobs in the idea of doing the "right" thing. Which my family is a strong supporter of, happiness is a secondary concern. Whereas the bike shop is definitely a choice done for happiness above pragmatism. I find that there are things I could bring up to another level, however, I am not sure I care enough to become the guy that is really good at cleaning bathrooms again.  I am that guy, I was trained very well at it, it was my primary responsibility at Englewood Metropark. That's not what I want to lead at, I would like to figure out how we can better recycle our trash, I would like to find a way to better dispose of tires and inner tubes. Scrubbing a toilet to high polish can become another worry for another day. I intend to become a first class mechanic, I am lucky I have excellent people to learn from.

Another thing I find is that there is this constant need to connect with people. But my approach I believe is wrong, often people compare histories and experiences problem being that I have had so many jobs that I feel like I  often sound like a know it all. I need to learn how to hold back, and perhaps only discuss what I am truly passionate about i.e. FOSS, bikes, and art. Sure I was an EMT-B(license lapsed), I am currently certified Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED. those are things that are important to me. When someone talks about their experience as a medic of in a hospital setting I should just listen and not contribute my experience? I have other similar examples but no need to continue at the end of the day I have to work through these ideas. I consider myself someone who has nothing that I am a master of but half-ass at a lot of things. I believe it comes off as if I believe I am a master of all things. I have to figure out how to change my delivery or just shut up.